Shar Rednour
The Femme's Guide to the Universe
The newly pizzazzed and updated Femme's Guide is now available in ebook (complete with pictures and cartoons) and on AUDIO!
Listen to a free sample to hear Shar's plan for the Femme Universe.

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             Shar reading image by Sarah Deragon.
Image of Shar kissing by Smeeta Mahanti.
Book cover photo by Phyllis Christopher.

Part Cosmo, part On Our Backs, part Girl Scout Handbook- this hilarious, practical, and comprehensive guide is for Femme Dykes, Lipstick Lesbians, Queer Femmes, Baby Divas, Experience Queens, Outrageous Goddess, Vixens, and Vamps of every stripe and those who want to date us!

Maybe you don't even know what LGBT stands for but simply want a GODDESS LIFE MANUAL. 


  • How to start a car, a riot, or fire
  • full GIRL GODDESS GLOSSARY--that secret de-coder book that we never got when we joined the Queer Dating Club!!
  • Butch/Femme romance explored and explained
  • femme/femme attraction and love celebrated
  • How to get a garter-belt on and still get your panties off.
  • break up support and tested advice including Shar's classic "How to Wash Any Babe Right Outta Your Hair."
  • What should be in your toolbox, under your bed, and on your outgoing message
  • gender empowerment & celebration
  • how to make vegetarian gravy
  • find out if femmes wear boxer shorts
  • how to have sex with RSI or other chronic conditions
  • how to succeed at the workplace
  • feminist shaving deciphered 
  • Femme transwoman? Oh Girl get on in here--in Shartopia. You know a femme is a femme is a hellooo, Goddess. 
  • from big to small, young to old, hairy to bald--Shar has fashion, dating and life help for all.
  • Shar's Stain Removal Guide
  • Money saving tips for everyday including: building your sextoy collection, decorating your home, shopping for shoes--Shar is always Equal Income Opportunity conscious.
  • List of  kitchen appliances that are a waste of money and space
  • Huge Trouble-shooting Manual covering practical problems like butch/femme translation support group, living in lonely homophobic towns, and retorts to "you like me more than I like you."
and a whole lot more! When Shar says to guide to the universe--She means it.  
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